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If you run an information-driven company, your databases are central to its business success.

Yet many organizations lack resources to customize and run them effectively.

Many others need new databases built for specific campaigns or new business initiatives. In some cases a database may exist, but needs to be furnished with new data before it can be released to users.

NDS’ Information Database Creation Services can help you address this need.

We have deep domain expertise in creating the right database architecture for every kind of business vertical. Our software design and engineering team builds flexible, easy-to-use databases customized for your needs so that your business users have the information they need, when they need it. If required, we also populate the new database with data collated, scrubbed and validated by our research teams.

What we do?

  • We analyze your specific needs and requirements, expanding our research team if necessary to bring in the needed expertise.
  • We design and build a custom database that interfaces perfectly with your own IT systems.
  • We build our own optimized data-collection tools and scour the web, commercial databases and proprietary information sources to populate the new database with the information your business needs.

What benefits you can enjoy?

  • Highly accurate data
  • Lower overheads
  • Faster database creation
  • Support across multiple legacy systems
  • Data warehousing and automatic backup

What kinds of companies can benefit from NDS’ service?
Although media-related companies are among our typical customers, NDS can create databases for organizations of any kind and size.

Our quality systems are defined by Six Sigma principles. The resultant learning, review and retraining activities become a self-correcting mechanism that helps you minimize losses.
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NDS Delivery
To build effective solutions for our customers, we follow a time tested four-step procedure that delivers powerful tools customized to their specific requirements.
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NDS can manage your entire subscription database process with 99.999% guaranteed accuracy of essential subscriber contact information.
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