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The difference between a successful 21st-century company and a mediocre one is often the effectiveness of its IT department. ‘Effectiveness’ doesn’t mean just having the right computing platform. It is all about having the right plan, the right people, the right applications, and adequate resources to deliver value to the rest of the organization.

For many companies, though, it’s difficult to achieve that mix in the real world:

  • Qualified staff may be in short supply, and employee turnover is high.
  • Budgets may be stretched, preventing expansion of capacity.
  • Existing IT resources may cost too much relative to value delivered.
  • Mission-critical development projects may be under-resourced.

Outsourcing your IT operations to NDS addresses all these challenges and more.

We assign dedicated teams of business analysts, software architects and developers, testers, and system administrators to your IT project exclusively. These teams work under the direction of your IT/IS leaders and managers. You can improve your profitability without adding to your IT overheads.

Once you establish your project priorities, our consultants work with your IT department to manage the project. Over time, the NDS team gains a deeper understanding of your business and your technology, and can begin to function as an extension of your own IT/IS team.

Our service packages are flexible in terms of budget and pricing models, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

NDS provides IT services in several key areas. Click each heading for individual service details.

  •  Application Development: Custom design for the enterprise.
  • Application Re-engineering: Migrate legacy applications to the latest technology.
  • Application Maintenance: Manage and maintain applications across the enterprise.
  • Software Testing: Independent evaluation of new applications.
  • E-business: Integrated e-commerce solutions.
  • Virtual Software Development: Augment your in-house programming employees.

Our Methodology:

We approach your project systematically, in stages:

  • Requirement analysis
  • System study
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Enhancement
  • Quality assurance

How do you benefit?

  • Access to world-class capabilities
  • Reduced operating costs
  • 24/7 development cycle
  • Access to external resources
  • Expert project management capabilities
  • Accelerated benefits of re-engineering
  • Focused and  skilled functional staff
  • No expansion of your permanent staff or facilities and no threat of constant staff turnover.
  • mproved service quality and productivity: reduced response times, rapid solution deployment, higher system availability.
  • Better allocation of managers’ time and attention
IT services
NDS offers you expert IT services that cover every stage of your product and process lifecycle, letting you focus on your core business.
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Security & Compliance
At NDS, we are in full compliance with all major standards and regulations applicable to various industries - guaranteeing you total information security and business continuity.
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