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Any company in any industry that has more than a few suppliers is probably wasting resources on financial accounting services that could better be devoted to its core activities.

NDS’ rule-based Accounts Payable solutions work across industries: any company can benefit. We offer A/P services to companies in domains as varied as hospitality, manufacturing, trading, and shipping.

Why A/P Services? Some common industry challenges:

  • Cost: Accounts Payable can be an expensive back-office function demanding specialized staff. The cost is fixed regardless of transaction volume.
  • Verification: Incoming invoices must be cross-checked against purchase orders and delivery documents. This can involve multiple departments and computer systems. The larger the organization (and the more vendors), the more challenging this becomes. Tax issues may only exacerbate the problem.
  • Late payments: Late payments can incur penalties or at least lose discounts offered for early payment.
  • Incorrect payments: Many factors, such as uncoordinated billing and delivery create the risk of overpayment or underpayment.

The Solution: NDS Accounts Payable services.

We help customers improve the speed, accuracy and scalability of their payment processes, reducing cost and avoiding incorrect and duplicate payments. Our Technovation™  platform delivers these benefits to you without any capital expenditure. 

How do NDS Accounts Payable Services benefit you?

  • Scalable and cost-effective: Total cost varies with volume of transactions.
  • Faster, more accurate transactions: Transactions are validated by three-way matching of purchase orders, invoices, and deliveries received.
  • Lower expense: Costs of hiring, training and retaining in-house staff are reduced.
  • Avoidance of late-payment penalties: Possible early payment rewards.
  • Accumulated multi-industry expertise: Our diverse range of customers means we can help you apply your industry’s best practices in your accounting systems.
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How does it work?

  • A dedicated postbox at NDS receives all your incoming invoices and related documents, which are sorted and scanned.
  • Data collected from invoices are handled by experts specifically trained by us for each part of the task.
  • Each invoice is compared to the relevant Purchase Order.
  • Any additional charges (taxes, shipping, etc.) are validated and coded properly.
  • Vendor’s payment information is verified and updated.
  • The scrubbed and verified information goes to your own ERP system for necessary approvals, and subsequent payment.

Our innovative technology allows a high degree of automation that increases both productivity and accuracy.

How is NDS better?    

NDS’ A/P services are different and superior in four ways:

  • Flexibility: Unique, granular business rules for each customer or customer’s business unit. It’s not a “one size fits all” solution.
  • Speed and productivity: Our superior application of technology allows turnaround times of 12-24 hours.
  • In-house system design: We build our own software, which enables easy integration with your ERP system, irrespective of your platform.
  • Guaranteed accuracy: NDS guarantees 99.9% accuracy and protection against over- or underpayment.

Our quality systems are defined by Six Sigma principles. The resultant learning, review and retraining activities become a self-correcting mechanism that helps you minimize losses.

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NDS brings fresh and innovative ideas to help improve your business. Combine this with our expertise in technology, and we truly offer you Technovation in action.
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NDS brings fresh and innovative ideas to help improve your business. Combine this with our expertise in technology, and we truly offer you Technovation in action.
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