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You may already know how laborious, time-consuming and wasteful the management of paper EOBs can be. If your current processes are paper-based, you’ll be well aware of the limitations and drawbacks of that approach.

NDS’ EOB Capture Service removes that labor-intensive burden and delivers significant benefits in terms of reduced expense, faster payment collection, greater completeness, and accuracy. Most important, we’ll manage the entire transition for you so you don’t have to worry about hardware, software, people, or disruption to your business.

What NDS will do?

  • We receive copies of claims files from you, and we use data from the claim to supplement any gaps in the EOB data generated by the payer.
  • We arrange to receive scans of EOBs from your lockbox (or directly from you) and we convert the EOB images into a postable electronic file — in most cases an 835 EDI format — which we transmit to the provider for posting.
  • We archive the EOB images and produce reports that can be used immediately for follow-up and denial management.
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How does this service benefit you?

  • Fewer posting errors by eliminating manual capture of EOB information. We reduce the frequency of data entry errors seen when posting EOBs.
  • You need fewer data entry staff, reducing costs and freeing resources for critical functions such as follow-up and denial management.
  • You receive payments faster by eliminating mailings and working with purely electronic data.
  • Your posting file can be fully customized, even if your system cannot accept a standard 835 format.
  • Your information is more complete: using your claims files, we can supplement the data that is missing from the paper EOB.

How are we different?

  • Customized templates: We can accommodate a wide variety of EOB formats.
  • Double-pass validation: Remittance records for each patient are independently reviewed by two members of our staff. The result: cleaner posting files with fewer errors.
  • Speedy turnaround: We pride ourselves on a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours.
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