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Accurate and Flexible Medical Coding Solutions by NDS

Every Medical Professional and Healthcare Organization understands the importance of a healthy Revenue Cycle and the vital role it plays in generating profits and sustaining a consistent revenue stream. Of all the key drivers that go into creating a successful Revenue Cycle, Medical Coding may be the singular most important component - in fact, it is often referred to as the Lifeblood of a healthy Revenue Cycle. This is attributed to the fact that inaccurate or inefficient coding can lead to denied and/or delayed claims, which in turn can negatively affect the cash flow that powers an efficient Revenue Cycle Management process.

Are you facing any of the following Medical Coding challenges?

The present climate of the healthcare industry is both complex and highly demanding. Healthcare providers are faced with several challenges, including:

  • Difficulty with the ICD-10 transition
  • An acute shortage of qualified coders
  • An increasing number of complicated healthcare regulations
  • Insurance carriers with more codes to potentially deny
  • A high rate of denials and revenue loss due to inaccurate coding
  • A slow turnaround time and high error rate due to the dependence on manual coding

If your organization has been facing one or more of these challenges, the best option is to engage a professional Medical Coding Solution, which would eliminate your present challenges while maximizing profits, maintaining compliance and keeping you abreast with the latest coding regulations.

Smart Medical Coding Solutions by NDS

For the past decade, we at NDS, have been providing smart coding solutions to clients of all sizes, from large healthcare organizations to small hospitals, and independent physician practices. By leveraging our best practices and advanced technology, we are fully capable of addressing your Medical Coding challenges and goals. We can help you with;

  • ICD-10 coding and abstracting of all patient types from simple ancillary records to complex in-patient charts
  • Compliance and Coding audits for better Revenue Cycle Management
  • Analysis of your Revenue Cycle
Why should you opt for NDS’ smart Medical Coding Solutions?

NDS is a cut above the rest. We provide robust Medical Coding services that are guaranteed to meet and, most likely, exceed your current coding service levels, through:

  • High levels of accuracy and faster turnaround time with our Advanced CAC (Computer Assisted Coding) Solution: At NDS, we deploy our CAC solution to gain a high accuracy rate of greater than 95 percent. Unlike manual coding, which includes a considerable amount of time and effort, a CAC tool examines the text of a patient's record, deciphers the meaning and context of words and then identifies the most accurate diagnoses and procedures. It then recommends appropriate and compliant ICD-10 and CPT codes, which is then confirmed by the Coder. This ensures a higher productivity rate thereby creating significant savings on time.
  • Flexibility through diverse Medical Coding Engagement Models: As our client, you have the freedom to choose an engagement model best suited to your specific needs. Choose from any of the following:
    • Ongoing Coding Services, for all or a portion of your caseload
    • Backlog Coding Services, to clear accumulated claims
    • Temporary Coding Services, to cover vacations, sabbaticals, etc.
    • Auditing & Monitoring Services
    • Coding Compliance Reviews
  • Greater Expertise through our Multiple Medical Coding Service Lines: Our proficiency in medical coding covers all areas. You can use our Medical Coding Services for:
    • Professional Fee Coding including Independent Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants and Facility-based Physicians (Hospital-employed Providers)
    • Professional Fee Specialty Coding including Radiology, ED, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Radiation Oncology, Internal Medicine, OBGYN, etc.
    • Facility Coding for both Hospital Inpatient and Hospital Outpatient
    • Coding Audits including Full coding audit, DRG, APC, E&M, Injection & Infusion, Diagnostic and Specialty
    • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) for Professional and Facility Documentation
  • Superior Quality through our 7-Step Medical Coding Process: Quality is foremost at NDS and we maintain our high standards of accuracy and productivity through a dedicated 7-Step Medical Coding Process, wherein each process undergoes rigorous quality checks by qualified supervisors. We also maintain quality through implementing client feedback for total client satisfaction. Additionally, all services are performed in accordance with the standards as set forth by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). We are also HIPAA compliant and regularly audited by a Big Four auditing firm.
  • The Bottom Line- Why choose us as your Medical Coding provider? At NDS, we aim to remove the complexities associated with Medical Coding by creating solutions and efficiencies that will have a real impact on improving your revenue and cash flow. To sum up, by choosing our solutions, you will gain the added advantage of:
    • AAPC and/or AHIMA Certified Coders
    • A fast 24-48 hour turnaround time
    • Guaranteed >95 percent accuracy rate
    • Advanced Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) software
    • Experience with over 30 different billing platforms
    • Dedicated Client Services team inclusive of Technical Support
    • A Global Coder profile that includes Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists and other Clinical Specialists
    • Ongoing Coding Education on CMS, CPT, ICD Updates, etc.
    • Supervised Quality Control inbuilt into all our processes
    • Increased EBITDA leading to greater income
    • Competitive prices offering savings greater than 40%!

Do contact us for more information about our smart Medical Coding solutions.

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