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Even in our digital world, most care providers continue to send paper invoices to their patients. Equally, many patients also pay in paper form, whether by check or credit card.

This means slow and error-prone manual data entry, performed by staff who could better be employed on higher-level tasks

NDS has the ideal e-solution

NDS offers a comprehensive, systematic service to convert those paper-based patient payments to electronic form and deliver them to your billing system.

What we do?

  • You scan incoming paper payments and send us the images.
  • We convert them into an electronic form (like 835 or any other suitable format) and return them to you, enabling automatic rather than manual posting.
  • At the same time, we create a database of all patient payments processed. Updated in real time, this database provides instant visibility of any patient’s balance due.

Not geared-up for automatic payment posting?

If your accounting systems are not ready to handle electronic posting of files, it’s not a problem. We can enter them directly into your billing system.

How do these services help you?

  • Lower costs and better utilization of your staff.
  • Fast, easy automatic posting of all payments received into billing system.
  • Greater accuracy than manual posting.
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