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Before an insurer pays a claim — often even before a patient is served by a healthcare provider — several things must happen. The patient must be registered; he must have valid insurance; and where prior approvals are required by the subscriber’s plan, pre-authorization or pre-certification numbers must be assigned.
That sounds straightforward enough, but it isn’t always so simple. Statistics show that:

  • Nearly 15% of all front office-related rejections and denials result from inaccurate patient registration data entry into the billing or administrative systems. The quality of data initially entered is often the most important factor determining whether a claim is paid or denied.
  • On an average, 40% of healthcare denials are related to improper, inadequate or absence of insurance verification.
Why aren’t these procedures being done better? Sometimes patients provide inaccurate information; often it simply comes down to the overwhelming demands on the time and attention of administrative staff, and the huge volume of data involved.
Whatever the cause, business results are negative:

  • Cash flow reduction due to denials caused by incorrect patient insurance information.
  • Additional effort to provide the information required to appeal the denial.
  • Delayed payments and lost revenue.
  • Lower patient satisfaction.

NDS can streamline the process to make it much more accurate and remove the administrative burden from your staff, freeing them to attend to other priorities such as superior patient care.

What NDS does?

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  • Obtain scanned images of patients’ insurance cards, and enter their demographic data accurately into the billing system.
  • We verify patients’ insurance coverage comprehensively via websites and telephone:
    • Effective and term dates of coverage
    • Co-pays
    • Co-insurance
    • Deductibles
    • Type of plan and coverage details
    • Payable benefits
    • Patient policy plan, status and other such details
  • Obtain pre-authorization and/or pre-certification numbers as required for services needing prior approval.
How do these services help you?
  • 99% accurate patient registration information .
  • 33% reduction in registration- and insurance verification-related administrative costs.
  • Automated  technologies improve accuracy and detail: 40% more verified clean claims sent to payers.
  • Streamlined operational workflow.
  • Improved patient satisfaction.
  • Lower staff turnover and training costs; lower pressure on existing staff.
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