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Prevention is better than cure. At NDS, it also means complete accuracy in your processes.

Quality assurance pervades our organizational culture. We incorporate checks and balances into every step of our activities, and design control points at every stage to prevent errors and inefficiencies. Each of our quality metrics is linked to a specific benefit or value to our customers.

This effort is assisted by the transition document created in the project discovery phase. In fact, this document becomes a valuable addition to your own internal efforts to enable better control.

At NDS we think of this not as 'preventing error' but as 'protecting accuracy'.

Our quality systems are defined by Six Sigma principles. The resultant learning, review and retraining activities become a self-correcting mechanism that helps you minimize losses.

The virtuous quality loop:
The Quality team defines the desired metrics and targets and measures them against the benchmarks laid down in the SLA. These metrics are continuously fed back to our technology and training teams. They, in turn, fine-tune and adjust the software design or the human resources programs as appropriate - until the required quality levels are reached and sustained.

True partnership:
We aspire to be a long-term partner in your success. Where your processes are not aligned to industry norms and standards, we makeit a point to suggest the implementation of industry best practices, helping you improve business efficiency.
NDS brings fresh and innovative ideas to help improve your business. Combine this with our expertise in technology, and we truly offer you Technovation in action.
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Our time-tested, four-step procedure ensures that your benefits are optimized as the project moves into full implementation. Targeted metrics help to measure, monitor and map every stage in the delivery process.
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Client Success
NDS has a decade-long record of designing customized solutions to improve business processes, in various industry sectors, using advanced technologies and innovative techniques.
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