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NDS InfoServ isn't just another Business Process Outsourcing company. We understand that companies need solutions to their complex business problems.

Companies no longer outsource a process or IT function to a low-cost location merely for the short-term cost benefits. Today, they see outsourcing as a means to enhance long-term productivity and improve their competitive edge. And that's the NDS difference.

NDS enables large and mid-sized organizations to enhance their profitability by smart-sourcing IT and business processes. Our solutions combine automation to increase productivity and efficiency with innovation to enhance business effectiveness.

NDS' solutions span three main industry sectors:
NDS has a decade-long record of designing customized solutions to improve business processes, in each of the above industry sectors, using advanced technologies and innovative techniques. While our roots lie in the dynamic Indian IT sector, we are today aglobal player, with a strong presence in the United States, not just in terms of client base but also local delivery capability.

NDS is far more than just another "offshore BPO". With our concept of smartshoring* we match your needs with the right resources at the right location, delivering solutions and services in a range of functions that directly impact your business effectiveness - infull compliance with relevant regulations.

Smart-sourcing and smart-shoring refers to the business practice of using a mix of onshore and offshore strategies based on specific processes and the needs of an enterprise. It optimizes not only costs but also agility and responsiveness of businesses while leveraging time zone differences at various locations for quicker turnarounds.
Why NDS?
NDS InfoServ helps you realize the true benefits of outsourcing by leveraging years of IT expertise and industry knowledge across verticals and the use of innovative, home-grown technologies.
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NDS brings fresh and innovative ideas to help improve your business. Combine this with our expertise in technology, and we truly offer you Technovation in action.
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Our time-tested, four-step procedure ensures that your benefits are optimized as the project moves into full implementation. Targeted metrics help to measure, monitor and map every stage in the delivery process.
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