AI - Powered Remittance Reconciliation

Payment Posting Automation Payment Posting Automation

Stop chasing payments and reconciling EOB/ERAs manually! Our solution automates matching bank deposits with often-delayed ERAs/EOBs, ensuring only funded transactions are posted to your payment management system. Our solution quickly identifies outstanding payments or missing ERAs, saving you time and frustration.

Here's how NDS AI - Powered Remittance Reconciliation Accelerates your RCM

Customized Matching

Define criteria for the fastest, most accurate match between ERAs and bank deposits.

Seamless Search and Retrieval

Find both pending and reconciled remittances in seconds.

Flexible Data Adjustment

Modify payer ERAs to reflect actual payment information, ensuring data integrity.
Explore its Powerful Benefits

Catch Outstanding Items

Easily identify missing payments or unmatched ERAs before they impact your bottom line.

Boost Efficiency

Minimize manual effort and human error with automated reconciliation.

Real-Time Visibility

Enjoy an accurate, up-to-date view of your account balances within your PMS.