Autonomous Medical Coding Solutions

AR follow up services

Considering the increasing shortage of coders and inconsistencies in high volume coding environments, adoption of an autonomous coding strategy is the most cost-effective way to optimize your HIM operations.

NDS uses latest versions of AI, like supervised Deep Learning and NLP

Multiple AI engines identify all the discrete diagnosis and procedure values and then assign the most suitable ICD-10-CM code and CPT codes and modifiers.

In case the AI engine cannot determine codes from the submitted chart, it will route that chart to a human coder, record that response and use it the next time a similar chart appears in the work queue.

Uses AMA licensed data for higher levels of coding compliance.

The automated system ensures consistent coding quality since the decision-making is not solely dependent upon humans. It reduces the impact of staffing issues since automation takes over most of the routine tasks. It offers a faster turnaround since the system can process medical charts much faster than a human coder. It ensures lower denials since the system incorporates built-in NCCI edits and payer rules.