AI - Charged Payment Posting Automation

Payment Posting Automation Payment Posting Automation

Say goodbye to tedious manual payment posting and hello to streamlined efficiency with our innovative solution! We leverage cutting-edge AI to instantly transform both paper EOBs and payer ERAs into electronic formats that flawlessly post within your Practice Management System (PMS).

Here's how NDS AI - Led (ERA/EOB) Payment Posting Automation empowers your RCM

Effortless Extraction & Transformation

  • Converts paper EOBs into postable 835 files.
  • Reads and modifies Payer ERAs, regardless of their format.
  • Our solution fills in the missing information from the original claim creating an 835 with unparalleled accuracy.

Smart Denial Code Management

  • Deciphers complex, proprietary payer denial codes.
  • Maps them effortlessly to standardized ANSI codes for easy understanding and efficient denial management.

Multi-System Posting Power

  • Generates separate posting files for different PM systems, consolidating payer remittance/payment information.
Unlock its World of Benefits

Maximize Efficiency

Eliminate manual payment posting and focus on high-value tasks.

Achieve Unmatched Accuracy

AI reduces human error for data integrity and peace of mind.

Capture 100% of Denials

Don't miss a single opportunity, even with paper EOBs.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions are compatible with every kind of practice management system.

Reduce Costs

Save valuable time and resources by automating tedious tasks.