Meet the Minds Behind NDS - Our Expert Team

We are a team of passionate problem solvers who aim to understand our customers' pain points and offer solutions that not only resolve their issues but also lead them to grow their revenue exponentially.

The NDS management team is led by professionals with strong expertise and technical experience across the healthcare value chain. Their strong desire to excel and their solid commitment to the customers ensure growth, innovative solutions, and real value to our global clientele.

We believe in the power of technology to transform businesses. We have a proven track record of designing and delivering superior AI-led business process solutions for clients for over a decade.

The vision and values of our expert management team lead us to achieve this.

Our Team

Meet the Minds Behind NDS - Our Expert Team

R K Gupta

Founder & CEO

A technologist with over 50 years of international management experience, Mr R K Gupta is the mentor and driving force of NDS InfoServ.

As a youngster he studied computer science at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). During this time, R K, as he is popularly known, was offered the opportunity to pursue a prestigious scholarship at MIT by his American mentor. It was a promising option for a young man of his capabilities. In India, at that point of time a technology-driven career seemed a distant dream.

However, R K gave the offer a miss. Instead he set about laying the foundations of his own company in India, pioneering the use of technology.

Having worked with the likes of Telefunken and Thomson, R K pioneered the concept of data entry in the 80s with GCS (USA). He is an admirer of Mahatma Gandhi and has served on one of the Indian Prime Minister's IT task force - helping to shape the development of the country's IT industry on the global stage.

R K's values are reflected in the culture of NDS. A strong sense of disciplined hardwork, dedication and quality, and a belief in giving back to society. R K is the visionary behind NDS Technovation, a unique, proprietary business approach created and used by NDS. NDS Technovation - a blend of IT and innovation - applied to business processes helps us drive customer value.


Anurag Gupta

Co-founder and COO

Anurag drives NDS's foray into new services. He leverages the organization's technology capabilities to develop advanced solutions for our clients - at significantly lower costs and increased reliability.

He holds a post-graduation degree in Business Administration from a top global business school and has graduated in Computer Engineering.

Anurag, with over 28 years of industry experience, brings deep expertise and a wide range of skills to the organization. He is an expert in technology adaptation for critical business functions and heads NDS operations and customer support. He also oversees the implementation of information security frameworks that ensure security accuracy and adherence to SLAs.


Manisha Patel


Manisha, drives NDS' financial strategy backed by her rich experience in financial management and accounting best practices. In addition to her responsibilities as lead finance, she is our primary liaison to local, state, and federal regulatory organizations.

She is a Certified Public Accountant with over fifteen years of industry experience with top audit firms and banks. She has, in the past, served as the CFO to companies of varying sizes - from family-owned businesses to the division of an international trading organization. She has also been responsible for conducting audits at a leading bank.