A/R Follow-up Services

AR Follow UP Services

Due to the manual nature of current A/R processes, they consume excessive human resources, resulting in increased costs and longer days in A/R.

Neglected A/R can impact revenue and cash flow in healthcare institutions. NDS’s automated A/R service reduces manual effort by introducing automation on repetitive tasks such as claim status checks. Our engines ensure there is a consistent follow-up and no pending claims get left out and avoids wasteful follow-up on claims with the status “in process” or “set to pay”.

It creates automation tasks on a payer-by-payer basis that leads to giving you the status of your receivables on a payer-by-payer basis. The solution quickly identifies claims not received by the payers and can report trends like aged debtors and collection rates from the data collected.

NDS automation for A/R while reducing labor costs, improves collections leading to improved cash flow.